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Welcome to San Benito County

"The land of St. Benedict" takes its name from the meandering San Benito River, named by Father Juan Crespi in 1772.

San Benito County was formed in 1874 from a portion of Monterey County.  Thirteen years later, the state legislature expanded the county to include land in Fresno and Merced counties.  Territorially, it has remained unchanged since 1887.

The western and southern boundary of San Benito County is established by a coastal range of mountains known as the Gabilians.  To the east lie the Diablo Mountain range and Panoche Valley, separating San Benito County from Merced and Fresno Counties.

Today, San Benito County is an economically diverse community featuring bio-tech, high-tech, major distribution hubs, recreation, a local airport, small business and local services, all with room to grow within an infrastructure of buildable lots, affordable housing, and new roads.  

With nearly 56,000 people in the 1,389 square mile county, 38 persons per square mile creates a rural feel, but in a community with big aspirations. Nearly 4,000 businesses employ a well-educated workforce (32% of adults have attended college) and contribute to a vital and growing economy, from the small, decades old family businesses to the nearly quarter billion per year agriculture industry.

The San Benito County Chamber and Visitors Bureau invites you to explore our unique corner of the world.